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Tommy Scherer was born in New York City and grew up on Long Island in the 1960’s. He excelled at sports making the all-county basketball team in his senior year of high school, and was also selected the “wittiest” of his class. Tommy had talent and wit, to be sure and when he graduated high school with a full basketball scholarship to the college of Santa Fe, in New Mexico, it seemed like he had the world in the palm of his hands. However, a harmless hitchhiking jaunt to Las Vegas found him stripped of his scholarship and back home with his parents in late 1969. His plans to play in the N.B.A. had been thwarted.

     Tommy’s exceptional athletic abilities and sharp tongue were intriguing on the surface; however, these interesting qualities masked a deep rooted uncertainty he had about himself and life.  This lack of uncertainty paved the way for a road that appeared before him in the early 70’s that he could not ignore.  After meeting someone that Tommy looked up to and held in high regard, he aspired to reach for a greater integrity and personal happiness he saw in his new friend. This drive would define Tommy’s life from there on out. His determination to be a better person led to discoveries about himself that swept him away from his former life and left him on the ambiguous road to truth.

He continued to study any and all information regarding his spiritual side, and in the mid seventies on a lumpy mattress on the floor of a fellow hippie’s apartment in San Francisco Tommy found himself, without any forewarning or attempt on his part, outside of his body! He was captured by the event and observed it for a few moments. He returned to his body unaware of the importance of the occurrence. Tommy had unexpectedly stumbled onto the mystery of this universe! The existence of the human spirit! He had luckily and abruptly discovered his own existence as a spirit separate and different than his body.

Throughout his continued exploration Tommy has written hundreds of original songs that reflect his ongoing journey. In 2011 he began a Science Fiction novel based on some of his understandings of life, intertwined with a perceptive view of earth’s existing political scene, wrapped in a compelling science fiction saga. The result was “Soul Wars.” This book is exciting and compelling; however Tommy’s rare understanding of the human spirit weaves its way throughout the book entertaining, intriguing and even haunting the reader. His songs also carry a message of truth not seen before.

He moved to Florida with his family in 2019 and continues writing music and recording. He is also working on the next book in the “Soul Wars” series.  Tommy lives with his beautiful wife, daughter and son.