Author Tommy Scherer delivers fast-paced action and a unique story with  his new novel “Soul Wars.”  The novel asks the question, “What if an alien race advanced spiritually as well as technologically?” and takes readers on an extraordinary, spellbinding journey through time and space to answer that question.  Released in eBook format on Amazon and in paperback on this website.

Beginning with the discovery of hidden knowledge handed down by an ancient alien race, the novel explores the reality of out-of-body experiences and how this ability would change how a race would interact with the physical world, exploring the mysteries of the universe.  Heroine Talia Jenson, a free soul who is extra adept at leaving her body, meets and falls in love with adventurer pilot Robin Sanford, and join forces with a team of interstellar space warriors on a quest to destroy menacing soul-trapping devices.

In their mission to destroy the devices they encounter flying saucers, starship forces, indestructible alloy shields, laser weapons and alien races with life-changing consequences.  Their journey exposes a plot by an unknown race of evil beings who have created machines that enslave spirits, leaving them helpless.  The inevitable battle that ensues between good and evil results in the ultimate war for all souls everywhere.

Unlike the standard sci-fi cliche that portrays aliens seeking to destroy our planet or harvest its resources, Soul Wars paints a portrait of hope as aliens arrive to battle evil forces, secret societies, and share ancient wisdom for the good of the universe.

Unique among sci-fi novels, the spirituality is based not on fantasy but on the author’s own experiences.  “I came to know myself as a spiritual being, totally separate from my body. This changed my perspective on life and was the starting ground for Soul Wars” said Scherer.  The book is dedicated to those who hope for greater prosperity and dream of a better world.

The website features “realm of the impossible” images of aliens, laser weapons, the human spirit, out-of-body experiences, and secrets of the universe by award-winning Nico Illustrations.  The hardcover edition will be published in time for holiday reading under Winter star gazing.

  • Soul Wars… The End or Beginning?
  • Published by Scherer, Inc. ~ Hardcover 253 Pages
  • Author’s Web Site/Purchase E-Reader:
  • ISBN 978-0-9893617-0-5


About Tommy Scherer

Born in New York City and raised on Long Island, he attended the College of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Today he lives with his beautiful wife, 14-year old daughter, and 16-year old son in Southern California.  He resides with his wife and family in Southern California and is currently working on the sequel to his epic Soul Wars novel.

For the full biography, please visit the Bio page on this website.

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